Mi a Europethrob?

Europethrob IS A NEW MARKETING TOOL WHICH CAN REVOLUTIONISE TEMARKETING INDUSTRY The language function and dedicated push message invented by our team is bring our application into prominence. The mission of EUROPETHROB to provide a platform where the businesses and customers can meet easily, businesses can optimise their marketing costs, the Users can find information quickly. The changes of marketing industryforce us to find new ways. The essential needs of people and the popularity of smartphones gave the idea to develope a multifunction application. The specialty of EUROTHROB application is that click on the Service Providers profile we can contact them on phone, by email or even we can find them by GPS. The promotion, events, concerts and other special services help us to outstand from our competitors and build the Europethrob brand. Europethrob is a marketing infocommuncation system contains a mobile application and a website. Our team continuously improve the system and expand in Europe.